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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best diffuser for me?

GreenAir offers three types of diffusers: ultrasonic, fan, and heat. Ultrasonic water diffusers are great to use in the home because they mist over a large area. Fan and heat diffusers do not use water but are more convenient for travel and smaller spaces like a car or workspace.

How do GreenAir diffusers help me build my essential oil business?

GreenAir diffusers make great incentives for gathering people together to share your essential oil business. For example, you can ask a new team member to host an essential oil gathering of their own. Tell them if they get a certain number of people to attend, you’ll raffle a GreenAir diffuser to one of the guests. With the incentive of a GreenAir diffuser, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many more people are likely to attend the gathering. When more people come, you’ll have additional opportunities to recruit more people to your team.

How do I buy GreenAir diffusers?

You may purchase individual GreenAir diffusers on Amazon. You can also buy cases of diffusers at a wholesale rate directly from GreenAir.

How do I purchase diffusers at a wholesale rate?

Call GreenAir at 888-548-0040 to get set up as a wholesale customer. You can purchase diffusers at a wholesale rate through a customer service representative or online.

What should I do with a diffuser that is not working properly?

Call GreenAir customer service at 888-548-0040 and let us help you troubleshoot your diffuser.

How do I clean my diffuser?

Wipe down your GreenAir diffuser using a damp cloth after every other use. Clean the ultrasonic plate at the bottom of the reservoir with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to reduce the chance of essential oil residue buildup.

How long should my diffuser last?

With proper cleaning and maintenance, a GreenAir diffuser will last about 5,000 hours. To put this in perspective, if you run your diffuser for eight hours each day, your diffuser will mist at full capacity for 22 months. Beyond that time, the ultrasonic disc at the bottom of the reservoir may decline causing it to gradually produce less mist.

What kind of water should I use with my diffuser?

We do not recommend using distilled water. Water that includes natural minerals diffuses better than distilled water. Wipe out your diffuser with a damp cloth after every other use to prevent the minerals and essential oil residue from building up.

Will the diffuser automatically shut off?

All GreenAir ultrasonic (water) units turn off when the diffuser is out of water. Fan and heat diffusers run continuously.

Why doesn’t my diffuser mist as soon as I turn it on?

Typically, cold water does not diffuse well. For maximum mist, wait a minute or two while the diffuser runs and the the water will become lukewarm—the perfect temperature for producing ultrasonic mist.

Why does it say, “As always, BPA free” on GreenAir diffuser packaging?

We take great care to make sure no GreenAir diffuser contains a plastic chemical called bisphenol (BPA). Some essential oil products do contain this compound which can potentially damage the hormone system.